It’s hotly debated from which country 'Babyfoot' originates from. Lots of countries have a connection with table football but only Bonzini 'Babyfoot' can be associated with French cafés and bars culture. Since 1959, over 125,000 B60 tables have been made in France at the Parisian factory and exported to nearly 60 countries.

The actual game was invented by an Englishman called Harold Thornton in 1921 who was looking for a game that replicated football and could be played in the home. Table football has since evolved into an international sport with its own organising body, the ITSF. The ITSF are based in France, but competitions they regulate, are truly international. Bonzini tables feature heavily in the World Cup and World Championships.

The introduction of the B90 in 1989, brought the B60 into the home and clubs. A table that’s made and plays like a B60 but without the coin operation. Needless to say, the B90 has since become the best seller for Bonzini Babyfoot enthusiasts the world over.

A Bonzini Babyfoot is built to last - it needs to be! Still completely crafted in Paris, the Bonzini reputation owes as much to its build quality as it does to its unrivaled playability. The Babyfoot was originally produced to survive the commercial use of being played in bars and cafés across Europe and will soak up almost any amount of serious punishment or extreme play.

The solid beech cabinet is fashioned from raw materials and assembled with a skill and care exclusive to the Bonzini craftsmen. Every table is made with love and pride just outside Paris. 

The cast aluminium players are hand polished and can be painted to your exact requirement. Mounted on chrome plated steel telescopic rods and assembled with highly engineered components, there is simply nothing like the quality of a Bonzini ‘Babyfoot’.


Nothing looks, feels and most importantly plays like a genuine Bonzini Babyfoot. Every detail of the table has been refined and improved to make sure that its playing performance is unrivalled. 

It’s the ‘Trigonometry of Play’ that gives all Babyfoot the unique playing quality revered the world over. It’s the three way combination of a heavy, cast player, the light ball and the grippy surface of the linoleum pitch that enables players to pass, trap control and deliver accurate balls every time. These skills take practice, but the rewards are worth it. High speed, beautifully paced, fluid gameplay that rewards finesse and flair. Ask any French man. He wouldn’t play on anything less!

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